Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The mole menace is back

Second week in October and here they are, tunneling beneath my feet, just below the turf in between the house and he sun terrace.

I said before that they are supposed to come higher up in the earth in February when the males are seeking a mate and wondered why ours were so early.

It’s since occurred to me that they may be finding a rich source of food in leather jackets – the larvae of crane flies or daddy longlegs as they’re known. These seem to be plentiful when I cut through the turf and are probably available whenever the ground is not frozen, though I’m not sure at what point the larvae reach a size worth hunting.

I had intended to be ready for them with a cunning plan to stop them in their tracks (or tunnels). But unforeseen circumstances this summer meant I had no time to prepare. So now I’m fighting against time as, potentially, an army of moles is about to cause carnage.

Tomorrow I shall enquire about training courses in mole catching.

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