Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our hens keep laying double yolkers

We're now getting around 20 or more eggs a week from the two Light Sussex and two Cuckoo Maran hens and but once or twice a week we get a double-yolker.

They simply have two yolks in the one shell and they're obvious by being around one-and-a-half times the size. The largest to date was 106g.

It's not been possible to tell which bird is laying them but I'm trying to narrow it down and suspect one of the Marans.

Not sure why this is happening but any thoughts welcome!

Yolks being the fat content of the egg as opposed to the albumen or white which is largely protein, this means cooking with double-yolkers can have it's advantages.

It seems they make much richer omelettes and scrambled eggs - and as for soft boiled eggs, there's more to dip your soldiers into, of course!

I guess there are repercussions too when baking but I'll leave that to the experts to comments on.