Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Planting for the Sun Terrace

While the Sun Terrace is designed to blend in with the garden it is also intended to have a Mediterranean theme inside.

On that basis, it provides a sunny and sheltered spot for a fig tree (Brown Turkey variety) and a dwarf Apricot (Goldcot) which flowers later so hopefully will avoid any frosts. It's not planted in a frost trap though, with a south facing wall behind it and a gentle south sloping terrace ahead of it.

There are also three diamond shaped gaps in the paving for me to plant low, clump forming plants - I'm not sure what they'll be yet though.

There is also a border between the terrace and the lawn with a couple of thyme plants, loads of lavender (Hidcote), rosemary and space for nasturtiums to come.

I also - against some advice - planted a Sumach tree (Rhus typhina). Though not from the Mediterranean but North America, it will provide an exotic architectural element and great autumn colour. I will doubtless have to contend with roots rising up around it in the border and lawn. Regular weeding and the mower ought to take care of them.

Around it I planted three "dwarf fuchsias" with tiny pink flowers. The nurseryman at Gardeners' World Live told me they were Mrs Popple but in fact they have turned out to be Lottie Hobby and have performed brilliantly - more about them in a later post.

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